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Discover Why Women Reject Nice Guys and Go for 'Bad Boys' 
(and what to do about it)

We Help Nice Guys Get Out of Their Own Way 
so They can Finally Get What they Want

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The Nice Guy Playbook™

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Our Offers

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Talk to Other Men Like You

Nice Guy Reform School 

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Behavioral Analysis

1:1 VIP Day Intensive

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Learn and Relax in Luxury

Men's Retreats


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  • Do you feel like... you're never enough (no matter how hard you try)?
  • Does it seem... like you have to suffer in silence?
  • Are you frustrated that... women don't appreciate or respect you?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... secretly want to escape your life?


Our Programs


Nice Guy Reform School

Live virtual classes for men just like you... all learning how to regain their peace of mind by setting boundaries, eradicating conflict....all while learning what women REALLY want (and it's not what you think!) 
INCLUDES: 48 LIVE classes + 12 Modules + Discussion board

In this program, you will learn:

  • ​Discover why women go for the 'bad boys'... and how to inspire her respect and love without turning into a manipulative 'bad boy.'
  • ​Take women you like off of the pedestal so you can see reality instead of your fantasy (and constant disappointment).
  • Learn how to say NO, so you can regain your time, energy and peace and really SHOW UP fully.
  • STOP prioritizing everyone else at your own expense and learn how to give from OVERFLOW.


1:1 VIP Day  

Spend a day with Ashley conducting a behavioral analysis and developing an action plan that will change your life...for good. (Virtual or In-Person) 

During your VIP Day, you will:

  • Find out your personal unconscious beliefs and wounds holding you back, and what to do about them.
  • Understand the root cause of your Nice Guy Syndrome, and how to overcome it.
  • ​Gain the confidence to lead,​ even if other people don't agree with you.


Men's Retreats

Being stressed-out keeps us from retaining information and learning new things... click the link to spend 4 days with Ashley in paradise while bonding with other men and creating a plan to fix your life...all while staying a luxury house with amazing company, a view and a private chef. 

In paradise, you'll:

  • ​Meet other men like you,so you don't feel so alone anymore and make lifetime friends
  • Get access to Ashley in-person for 4 days straightso you can go all-in and get all of your questions answered.
  • ​Rest, recover and relax, so you can go home refreshed and ready to LEAD.
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Ashley Cox is the first and only female international emotional analysis and resolution coach for nice guys.

A self-proclaimed, "Nice Guy Magnet," she uses her experiences as a woman and her 12+ year background in trauma and teaching to help “nice guys” toxic proof their bedroom and create more wealth.

In addition to getting and keeping their dream women, her clients have collectively generated millions of dollars from regaining their executive function and confidence after tackling subconscious blocks of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, anger, self-love deficit disorder and pain with her.

Featured on The Conscious Man Podcast, The Profoundly Pointless Podcast, True Hollywood Talk, Disrupt Magazine and in Lake Geneva Magazine.

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"She saved my 20 year marriage and my blood pressure is down 25 points in 6 weeks! I feel way less stressed and more in control."

She guided me through childhood trauma that kept me from holding deep, confrontational discussions. I have a successful design and build construction company, and I now feel that I can better handle the day to day conflicts that arise.

My company has grown more than ever because of it.

Through her guided meditations, I have dealt with family issues that I should have handled
15 years ago.


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"One hour with her is comparable to 10 hours in traditional talk therapy."

Ashley was quickly able to comprehend my entire life situation and accurately assess me. Ashley’s method is very results oriented. She does NOT waste time. 

Through my work with her,  I recognized past trauma and patterns that impact my present awareness and happiness and she has taught me skills needed to guarantee a happier emotional future.

I am also now becoming more attuned to reading other people’s emotions and more accurately responding to their needs, a skill I completely lacked before. This is all because of the work I have done with Ashley


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"She’s the real deal and the best investment I’ve ever made."

Yesterday we did a “inner-child” meditation. It was surreal to say the least...Made peace with some things I didn’t even realize I was carrying and calmed my internal world in a way I didn’t know on the surface needed calming.

Well today, I received unexpectedly 250k gross revenue which will return roughly 100k in net revenue!

So gentleman, drop the bravado, any egotism and invest in yourself bc the ROI is more than you can imagine.

Ashley has a unique gift and ability to help navigate you into and through those dark places.She’s the real deal and the best investment I’ve ever made.


A Podcast for Nice Guys



Modern Men want respect and love from women and they want to do it without being labeled selfish or aggressive (or spending hours reading how-to books).

They want to be seen as Good Men, not Nice Guys. They also want proven methods they apply today and see results.

Join the only female international coach for Nice Guys, Ashley Cox, as she gives practical tips, explains nice guy psychology, interviews women, other relevant coaches and entrepreneurs who overcame insecurities and boundary issues.

These are lessons in this audio format FOR you-- you will start to see results immediately.


Episode 1- Why Boundaries are Actually Hot
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Episode 2- How the Savior Complex Starts (and how to end it)
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Episode 3- Why Women Reject Nice Guys 
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 How do I know if this works for me?

If you resonate even a little with the descriptions on this page, we can help.

You can also Book a Call us HERE to find out more.

Do you work with single or married men?

Yes to both. We work with single, married, separated and divorced men who have found themselves rejected and disrespected by women want to stop that pattern.Yes! Everyone who purchases will get a recording of the event.

 Will there be a recording?

Yes! Everyone who purchases will get a recording of the event.

Do you work with couples?

No, but we teach you how to lead in your relationship, communicate well, set boundaries, connect more deeply, resolve conflict fast and how to make women feel amazing around you. Our client's wives ALWAYS comment on how much they LOVE the changes their man is making.

 When is the event?

Sunday, March 3rd from 5-8CT on Zoom

 How long is the experience?

The experience is 3-hours long.


Get To Know Ashley Better

Founder and Head Coach of Nice Guy Reform School


Nice Guy Reform School™ - Austin, TX
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